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Beer Gun Bottling

It’s time to send off your bottles to the National Homebrew Competition. So, I broke out the Blichmann Beer Gun and got to bottling.  If you keg your beer a beer gun is not an absolute necessity but its pretty damn close. It makes to process of transferring your beer from the keg to a […]


The Doghouse Brew Rig Build Part Four – “The Plumbing”

In part Four of The Doghouse Brew Rig Build series I’m going to discuss the plumbing system. I’m sure this does not need to be pointed out but basically your plumbing system moves your strike water and wort from one vessel to the other. This system is what keeps you from having to lift up […]


Homebrew Kegerator Build

The refrigerator stated as a Whirlpool 4.4 cubic foot dorm style unit with a faux stainless door. The first step was to remove the inner lining of the door to make more room for the kegs. This was simple to do and only took a couple of minutes.

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