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  1. HUGE help! Thank your for the inside of the box pictures… I will be sure to get your ours when we finish building…

    Thanks again!

    What email do you want me to send the photos of the rig/electric box to?

  2. Hi Clay-
    Thanks for getting back to me and straighting out my backwards RTD sensor issue. Now my next question is about the furnace valve sensors on your box. Where did you source them from?
    I’ve been replicating off your materials provided build list and don’t have anything that resembles those sensors?

    Thanks again and all your help is greatly appreciated.


  3. Howdy

    I stumbled on your site while planning my own brutus type build. I’m no engineer and it’s a huge help, thanks for sharing. Anyways I can’t seem to pull up any pictures of the inside of your control box and I was hoping you could send me a couple? Thanks so much


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