Homebrew crew- Blacksburg Brew Do

Blacksburg Brew Do!

A trip to Blacksburg to visit friends and participate in the Blacksburg Brew Do. Home brew and craft beer all weekend.


Cooking with Home-Brew: Ralphy’s Red Ryder Chili

Now that we are solidly into football season, I thought it might be nice to share one of my wife’s ass kicking chili recipes. Also, being that this is a home brewing blog you are obligated to include a bottle or two of whatever flavor you have available at the time. I happened to have a nice Irish red ale which added a hint of sweetness.

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A Tasty German Pilsner Recipe

A few months ago in the heat of the summer, I was looking to brew something that was a little on the lighter side of the scale. So, I tried my hand at a German Pilsner. I had never made a pilsner so I wanted something relatively simple.

American Pale Ales vs. India Pale Ales

The origins of the “India Pale Ale” dates back to the 18th century. English troops stationed in India were not able to get traditional English pale ales. Due to the long sea voyage and high temperatures these ales would spoil by the time they arrived in India

Home-Brew – Secondary Fermentation

There are several advantages to a two stage fermentation process. The first and arguably the most important advantage is that it separates the spent yeast cells from the beer that is being created.

Home-brew – Simple Clarifiers

So, I got the German pils bottled up a few days ago. I am super anxious about this batch. This is the first batch where I used gelatin to clear things up in the bottle.

Obligatory College Football Post

Frank Beamer and the Hokies are heading north next weekend to play Boise State on Labor Day to open their college football season. It has all the ingredients of an epic game. Let’s Go Hokies!

First Homebrew Batch In Several Years

I brewed my first batch of beer to coincide with a party we throw to celebrate the completion of our home renovation. It was a tasty IPA ready for judging.

New Homebrewers – Lose the anxiety

Getting started brewing beer might seem overwhelming at first but you can easily get your arms around it if you break it into a few steps. As you become more comfortable with the beer brewing process you will want to start experimenting with different things.

Hello! Welcome to the Weekend Homebrewer!

In this blog I hope to share some of my experiences as a weekend homebrewer

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