The “Doghouse” Brew Rig Build – Part One

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to spew a little madness. I have been busy building what my wife affectionately dubbed the “ Doghouse”. What is the Doghouse you ask? Well…it’s a single tier brew stand based loosely on the Brutus 10 and like the Brutus it is a fully automated […]


Wifey’s First Batch of Homebrew – Berliner Weiss

Today’s brew session has a little twist. Several weeks ago my wife decided she wanted to try her hand at all grain brewing. Not just helping me brew. She wanted to brew a batch all on her own. I guess this shouldn’t have surprised me as she is an awesome cook and brewing wouldn’t be […]

Black IPA

A Homebrewer’s Early Christmas

Well, when it comes to homebrewing, the last few weeks have not been great. It started off well enough with three well packaged bottles of my black IPA being sent off to San Diego for the final round of the American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrewer Competition. So far, so good. The submittal deadline was June […]

AHA Competition – Moving On!

Well, I sent in a one of my black IPA beers to the American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition. This is the first competition I’ve ever entered and I did it at the insistence of my wonderful wife. I did it in hopes of getting some helpful tips on how to make the beer better. […]

New Look…

If you came here looking for The Weekend Homebrewer you’ve come to the right place. I ran into a little confusion with me my local homebrew store The Weekend Brewer. I thought that might happen at some point. I’d been kicking around the idea of changing the name of the site and removing some of […]


Homebrew Kegerator Build

The refrigerator stated as a Whirlpool 4.4 cubic foot dorm style unit with a faux stainless door. The first step was to remove the inner lining of the door to make more room for the kegs. This was simple to do and only took a couple of minutes.

Home-Brew: Black IPA

I call this beer “Cody’s BIPA”. It is a VERY hoppy, pitch black ale. It has a high abv estimated at 7.59. It has a strong hoppy bite to it as well as a roasted malt flavor of a stout.

Home Brew_Beef_Stew.ashx

Cooking with Homebrew – Cody’s Bipa Beef Stew

Last week my wife Corinna grabbed a couple bottles of my black IPA to use in her beef stew. The black IPA can be described as a combination of a stout and a standard American IPA. It has a very strong taste and will thoroughly surprise your palette.

Mash-tun False Bottom Assembly

The Right Brewing Equipment Makes All The Difference

I broke down and bought a false bottom and spigot assembly that was made to go in the bottom of my mash-tun and when I mashed my grains today it went off without a hitch. It flowed without even a hint of a clog.

All Grain Home Brew Equipment

My First Attempt at All-Grain Brewing

I have been toying with the idea of brewing an all grain beer for a while. For one reason or another I just couldn’t put all the hours together at one time to get it done. Well, I finally got a weekend with no Hokie football, no Redskin football, no traveling and no “honey do’s”. […]

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