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  1. Awesome rig, I am looking at building a brew set up and really liked your design. I have a couple of questions, you don’t talk much about the keggles, anything specific I need to look for ? Also I looked for the steel cut list but didn’t find it, did your friend cut the steel or do you have a cutter ?

    • Hey Phil- Thanks for stopping by. The keggles are pretty standard as far as valve/thermometer locations. My pick up tubes are made from 1/2″ copper that comes out to the center of the keggle and then I use a 90 degree bend to turn it down to just above the floor. The pick up tube for the mash tun is a little different. It basically does the same thing but I use silicon tubing to go down throw the false bottom. this allows me to screw everything up and push the tube down through the hole in the false bottom.

      There is a cut list in part one of the Doghouse build series. Take a look and let me know if you need anything else.

      I hope I answered your questions. Let me know if I can help. Good luck and happy brewing!

  2. i have shown your system to my buddies. One is a small business owner that much experience in sheet metal fab and commercial painting systems. The other is a mechanical engineer . With their help I am attempting to build a similar system but my system will be fixed in a room in my basement and will use natural gas. I will send pictures as we progress. I have already ordered the pumps and various other parts. This will be a winter long project as my friends are both very busy with work/family. Thanks again for such an awesome website

  3. Hi from another beer nut. I just discovered your blog, can’t believe I haven’t run across it before. We seem to share the same interest in beer. Are you on untappd? I love connecting with other beer geeks.

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