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2 Noble Dogs – The Inside Fluff

2 Noble DogsYou may have noticed that I have not been posting with any measurable regularity recently. I have no real good reason for this other than my work has picked up quite a bit and we have been going through a few family changes recently. As a lot of you know we lost one of our noble dogs last fall. It was a devastating blow to both my wife and me and took us a while to get through it. Our dogs are our kids and we treat them as such. Losing Pica left an enormous void in our lives. We noticed the remaining noble dog Bodhi starting to mope and not eat and we knew he missed his sissy. After all, they had been together for 11 years.

Well, this behavior became worse as each day passed and we knew we had to do something. We started researching German Shepherd rescues in our area hoping that we would be lucky enough to have lightning strike a third time with another noble dog. And it did…

2012-12-02_15-04-48_945 (1)In December of last year we were rescued by a beautiful 10 month old long haired German Shepherd we found through the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR). She was scared and skittish and was quite unsure of me. She took to Corinna like they had always been together. This behavior is not uncommon in rescue dogs and is eerily similar to Pica’s when we first got her. We named her Yabba because she had such a sad previous life we thought a fun name would be appropriate.

Yabba and Bodhi got along great and we immediately saw a change for the better in Bodhi’s demeanor. Unfortunately, Yabba wanted to romp and play ALL the time and poor Bodhi is just a bit too old for that much activity. So now what? We have one young pup who wants to play and romp and do all the things puppies do and another who just wants to sleep most of the day.

As with most things Corinna and I do, we decided to double down. We went back to the same rescue and told them we wanted to help out and start fostering shepherds. The thought here was to help save as many of these beautiful animals as we could and possibly find a brother to Yabba while doing it.

Augustus & YabbaWe got our first foster dog in January and he was a perfect classic German Shepherd specimen. We named him Augustus (Gus) after the Duvall character in Lonesome Dove. Gus weighed in at a svelte 100 lbs and was a big teddy bear. He was what we call a velcro dog. Meaning he had to be right beside you wherever you were. Not a bad trait to have in a dog for sure. Anyway, Gus got along great with everybody and romped and played with Yabba for every waking moment. This is not necessarily a bad thing but Gus had about 40 lbs on Yabba and we lacked the much needed space for him to get out all of his pent up energy.  So, time went by and we were able to find Gus the perfect home. He now has a lake that he swims in everyday, a new high energy border collie for a sister, and a loving family that thinks the world of him. Still no brother for Yabba…

DelJust about the time we found Gus his forever home we saw a picture of a broken, disheartened shepherd on Facebook. And BAM! we knew that he was Yabba’s brother. The poor guy was in a shelter in Delaware and ever seeing him again was a long shot at best. As it turns out, SGSR saw the same post on Facebook and was able to reach out and rescue him from the shelter. He made his way back to Virginia to be placed with a foster home and brought back to health. That next weekend, Corinna took Gus to a meet & greet with other SGSR dogs and there he was… The Dabba to our Yabba. Call it coincidence. Call it divine intervention. Either way, that meeting only solidified what we already knew. He was the one.

Several weeks went by and we thought for sure he (now named Del) was headed to another forever home. As luck would have it, the foster parents were going on vacation and needed somebody to help look after Del until they got back. We were fortunate enough to be one of those people. We picked him up the same day Gus’s new family picked him up so the timing couldn’t have been better. When we got back to the house we were holding our breath that everyone would get along. And they did…whew. He and Yabba play like brother and sister and Bodhi even gets in on the action when he’s feeling up to it.

After several days of settling in we let the rescue know we were interested in adopting him. That’s when we found out that there were several other families interested as well. Ugh… So, we crossed our fingers and hoped the rescue would chose us as being the right fit. In the meantime, we took Yabba and Del (hopefully soon to be Dabba) for a full day of winning friends and influencing people. It was a wonderful day that ended with some even more wonderful news, we were approved for his adoption.   He is now a part of our pack and we officially named him Dabba :-).

So there you have it. Everybody is settling in and learning their place. As you would expect, there have been a few bumps in the road but we couldn’t be happier. One big happy pack!  2 (+1) Noble Dogs.

Yabba & Dabba

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4 Responses to 2 Noble Dogs – The Inside Fluff

  1. What a great story, Clay. There’s nothing better than a rescue dog. I think they really appreciate what you’ve done for them.

    • Hey Keith! Thanks for chiming in! I agree- There’s nothing like a rescue dog. To see them romp and play does a heart good :-)

      And a big congrats to you on advancing to the final round at NHC. What was it?

  2. Good man!

    Could this be the inspiration for a new brew?

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