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A Homebrewer’s Early Christmas

Well, when it comes to homebrewing, the last few weeks have not been great. It started off well enough with three well packaged bottles of my black IPA being sent off to San Diego for the final round of the American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrewer Competition. So far, so good. The submittal deadline was June 6th. I sent my bottles to get there on June 3rd. The delivery date arrived with no delivery confirmation. Nothing the next day either. June 6th rolls around and still nothing. I have been on the phone with UPS for several days at this point. They had no idea where the package was. All they could tell me was it made it on the truck for delivery. At this point I’m thinking that whoever mistakenly received my beer had paired it nicely with a nice fat juicy steak. I contacted AHA to let them know what happened all in the hopes that they could tell me if my beer actually arrived. I was reaching for anything at this point. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to tell me anything. They did say if I was able to get three more bottles there by June 10th they would accept them. Finally, a flash of hope on the horizon right? Not quite. I had no more bottle to ship. I put all my proverbial eggs in that box. All I could do at this point (short of bustin some knee caps at UPS) was chalk it up to a lesson learned. No biggy, there is always next year right?

As a continuation of bad homebrewing chi, I set out to brew a 10 gallon batch of Saison (which has become a fan favorite around here). The day started off fine. I had all needed ingredients, I had a fellow brewer and his family coming over, and an old friend and fellow blogger stopping by to gather info for a series he is doing on his blog E.A.T. The day progressed fine other than the fact it was 900 degrees. Definitely not optimal brewing weather. It quickly deteriorated as I flipped the tube draining the sparge water out of the mash tun and onto my leg. Instantly peeled the skin right off. Ugh…. Luckily we had a nurse on hand who quickly jumped into action and controlled the situation (thank you Susan). At the end of the day, we had about 10 gallons of saison and roughly 5 gallons of a cervesa (not my idea ;-)). Hopefully, these will be ready in time for the Dominion Cup put on by the James River Homebrewers Club.

This weekend went a little better. I got started on my Brutus build which I will post about later. After welding away in the sun all day yesterday I found it difficult to stay awake. I’m ashamed to say that by the time 8:30 rolled around I was checking my eyelids for holes. I woke this morning and found a facebook message on my phone from a friend that had gone to the NHC out in San Diego. The message read “Dude, black IPA just won SILVER!”. I did not think much of this. I figured it was his twisted way of rubbing in the fact that my beer got lost. My wife, on the other hand, ran screaming towards the computer and (with the speed and determination that could only be described as Batman like) quickly pulled up the results page for the competition, and BAM! there it was. Not only had my beer made it to San Diego, but it actually did earn a silver medal in category 23. So, there really is a Santa Clause. Go figure.

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  1. Congratulations on the Silver, way to go!!!!

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