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Home-Brew: Black IPA

Sunday’s brew day started out with the best of intentions.  My wife and I invited a fellow brewer and his wife over for a day a mashing grains and swapping recipes. I guess I should start by mentioning that Sunday’s brew day was supposed to be Saturday but due to life getting in the way we opted to delay it a bit.

I went to The Weekend Brewer on Saturday afternoon and picked everything I needed to brew another Black IPA. You might remember in a previous post that this was the first recipe I brewed when I switched to all grain brewing. And although this session went smoother it was not without incident. As it turns out one of our dogs picked that morning to go exploring. So, we spent several hours tracking her down and saying bad words. Once she was back safe and sound it was time to start brewing.

As I mentioned earlier, we had guests coming in to brew so I was looking forward to exchanging ideas and hopefully learning new things. I was brewing a black IPA (a Cascadian IPA for those from the Pacific Northwest) and my co brewer was putting together a Fat Tire clone. It turned out to be a great day of brewing with several lessons learned but for the sake of keeping this post to a reasonable length I’m going to focus on the Black IPA.

This is basically the same recipe I made a while ago, the same one that I had such a problem with when draining the mash-tun a while back. Since then, I have made a concerted effort to make sure I had the right equipment to do the job. This recipe is a bit larger than a typical 5 gallon batch of beer so I had to get a 10 gallon mash-tun to handle the larger amount of grains. As a side note, if you plan to go to all grain brewing at some point, spring for the 10 gallon mash-tun. You might remember form an earlier post that I ended up spending a bit more than I needed to by trying to fabricate things myself. Once again, I recommend spending the money and getting the right equipment. It will save you in the long run.

I call this beer “Cody’s BIPA”. It is a VERY hoppy, pitch black ale. It has a high abv estimated at 7.59. It has a strong hoppy bite to it as well as a roasted malt flavor of a stout. It is quite unexpected and my wife’s favorite. She actually steals bottles for her own cooking recipes.

Cody’s BIPA:

OG: 1.073

FG: 1.024


Mash: 60 min @ 154°

12 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row)

0.75 lbs Carafa III

0.75 lbs Crystal Malt (60L)

0.75 lbs Roasted Barley

0.75 lbs Wheat Malt

Boil (60 Min)

2.0 oz Chinook (60 min)

1.0 oz Simcoe (10 min)

1.0 oz Amarillo (10 min)

1.0 oz Simcoe (flame out)

1.0 oz Amarillo (flame out)

1.0 oz Simcoe (dry – 3 days)

1.0 oz Amarillo (dry-3 days)

Ferment (Room temp. 69ish)

Safale – 05

Being a black IPA there are no standard taste guidelines so experiment according to your taste. You can’t get it wrong. I have tried Stones Sublimely Self Righteous and RJ Rockers Black Perle. Both were very good and very expensive. Neither was as tasty as the recipe above. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.



Special thanks to Jamey @ Barlow Brewing for the framework of this recipe.

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