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Obligatory College Football Post

Ahhhh…a batch of pils bubbling away in the fermentor.

Since I am in the dreaded waiting stage of brewing beer I find myself occupying my time with another one of my passions. College Football! Specifically, Hokie football! I think I can smell a hint of bourbon in the air. Frank Beamer and the boys are heading north next weekend to play Boise State on Labor Day. Not bad for the first out-of-conference game. The AP has Boise State at #3 with the Hokies coming in at #10. Now, I’m not a Bronco hater but I have a feeling that Tyrod Taylor and his horses (Ryan Williams & Darren Evans) are going to be a bit too much for the Bronco defense to keep in check. I know, I know….the Broncos have a Heisman caliber quarterback in Kellen Moore and return something like 22 starters. The Hokies on the other hand lost a pile of key players on the defense and a few more to injuries. This would make your average sports fan raise an eyebrow. But your average Hokie fan is NOT the average sports fan. We believe in Frank Beamer and Bud Foster. We know they will be the best prepared team on the field with the best athletes. Not to mention a true Hokie fan believes that the collective positive energy from the Hokie Nation focused acutely in the direction of the playing field can cause miracles to happen (i.e. Michael Vick, 1999 vs. West Virginia).

This should be a great game. I believe the punishing offensive running and the mobility of the Tyrod Taylor will wear down the Bronco defense by the 4th quarter.

Prediction: VT 31 – BS 17


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